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Morgan's Mommy's 

We are a self made business. That started as a face painting company. Morgan's Mommy's bloomed into a bigger company with many ideas. Thinking of many ways to improve. Then I started working with acrylic paints and, I am really enjoying it.This is the next adventure to my company so please enjoy all my products!

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Henna is only done for festival

Face painting with a Smile


  Face Painting with a Smile

With the love of art, design and fun in whatever we do! Our designs and services are just what you are looking for the use of color, glitter and accessories. Professionally trained, licensed and insured,  We are experienced Artists and have enjoyed painting for private individuals and large events.

Face Painting

Eye Candy Designs & Glitter Tattoos services


 Eye Candy designs

Face Painting Eye Designs with an extra flare. The designs are all  the colors of the rainbow. We give extra glitter for more Bling! Great fun and adds more fun to the Party! Add eye candy to your next party!

Eye Candy Designs & Glitter Tattoos

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Morgans Mommys Seashell Creations & Face Painting

Hiton Head Island SC



About Us



At  Morgan's Mommy's & Face Painting with a smile, we provide personal, friendly service as well as Face painting services & Handcrafted Seashell Creations.

 Hello I am Julie Oliver Morgan's Mommy. This is  a self created Business. My husband one day said you should be a face painter. So he bought me a cheap face painting book from Michael's with the paints. Well I asked for a job to at a Children's Museum and the manger hired me for her special events. I did that for many years for fun and a hourly wage. After so many years I became a Face Painting Service. I up graded my paints and brushes. The quality of my work improve a lot. I added Glitter Tattoos which have been a great addition to what I do. I have just added Henna Tattoos which I do for Festival only! 

As well Morgan's Mommy's Volunteers a lot every year through out  the area

 I promote, My seashell art work and Acrylic art work at festival as well. or